C8. Organic Wild Kithul ™ Treacle 375ml



Wild Palm (Kithul) Treacle is a type of sweet syrup extracted from the sap of ‘caryota urens’ palm (fish tail Palm).

Kithul trees grow in the wild rainforests of Sri Lanka and its sap harvested traditionally by sap-tapping families residing in the fringes of the forest. The art of tapping and reducing the sap to craft kithul treacle is a much-guarded secret that allows village populations to utilize their age-old knowledge to survive in this mechanized modern world of manufacture by producing a pure unrefined product.

The unique ‘Wild’  flavour of Kokonati Wild Kithul treacle makes simple foods taste exotic! Kithul sap has a low GI, glycaemic index range of 27-35 . Wild Kithul treacle has a slightly smoky flavour and a clean earthy sweetness and ia a healthier alternative to Maple Syrup and other highly refined syrups and sweeteners.

Specifications – 100% reduced sap tapped from the kithul flower

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