My Story

After years of struggling with digestive and gut issues, I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. In some ways it was a relief to know why I was in pain so often, but my specialists suggestion of surgery was not welcome news.

I started reading up on what I could do to help myself naturally during one of my hospital stays, and became more determined than ever not to go under the knife! I started taking supplements and avoiding certain foods which decreased my symptoms and reduced my hospital admissions, but I was still needing occasional courses of antibiotics to manage flare-ups.

It wasn't until a friend introduced me to the Paleo lifestyle that I really started improving! I started by reducing and then completely eliminating gluten, refined sugar and processed foods and the difference was amazing!

The only problem was, I was spending most of my spare time cooking and preparing food as I couldn't find really tasty food that didn't contain any of the nasties, and if I did manage to find something it was just too expensive. I started inventing my own recipes and testing them out on my friends, family and work colleagues. Let me tell you, my nephews were harsh critics, but I figured if they wouldn't eat it then I needed to start again. Took me 15 attempts at the chocolate brownie before I got the thumbs up, thanks boys!
I was on a mission to produce food that was 'clean' but that still tasted amazing and then to somehow make it available to others. Having worked in several cafe's and restaurants over the years I took the plunge, quit my day job and opened my own Cafe in Grey Lynn, Auckland.
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